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Press Release #1

June 21, 2009
Panamanian American Academic Network
Colon, Republic of Panama

The Power to Make a Difference in the Lives of Panamanian Childrens

Panamanian American Academic Network ( is pleased to announce it fulfilled part of its commitment and granted scholarships (becas) to 18 Elementary School children in the City of Colon, 3 to children in Anton and 9 special awards for 2009 Elementary School graduates.

The scholarship awards were presented by Mr.Jorge Brathwaite -President, Mrs. Yolanda Peters – Secretary, Mr. Donaldo Laird, and Mr. Garry Brathwaite during ceremonies at three schools in the City of Colon.

Thousands of students, teachers, parents and friends were gathered for the scholarship awards presentation ceremonies at Carlos Clement, Republic of Uruguay, and Pablo Arosemena Schools.

Mr. Laird elaborated on the rationale for the scholarship program emphasizing that there are many Panamanian Americans, like himself, who are keenly aware of the needs of school children in Colon and are willing to lend a helping hand. He shared with the students his appreciation for all that he acquired as a student in Colon and how these learning experiences served him well throughout his successful business career in the United States.

Mr. Laird reminded the students that the City of Colon has historically been the source of many illustrious contributors, intellectually and professionally, to the development of Panama. “This heritage is yours,” he told the students, “and you should seek to add to that tradition.”

In his remarks, Mr. Brathwaite noted the affinity that Panamanian Americans in the United States have for their native country and how even though many like himself have not lived in Panama for 40 plus years, there is always a special place held in our hearts for our fellow Panamanians and a deep-rooted desire to “help make a difference” and give back.

Mr. Brathwaite further impressed on the students three key ideas that he would like them to think about and embrace. These three ideas he identified as the “THREE Is”

To emphasize the “THREE I’s,” Mr. Brathwaite announced the creation of three special awards for the Elementary School graduates at the three schools where the best written composition on each of the “THREE Is” will receive special cash awards at graduation.

The Principals at the three schools, Ms. Virginia Nino – Uruguay, Ms. Mirta Arauz, Pablo Arosemena and, Ms. Zeneida Barroso – Carlos Clement conveyed their sincere appreciation to the delegation from the Panamanian American Academic Network ( for their initiative and commitment to help support needy children in their schools. They emphasized that programs of this type can and do make a difference in the lives of all students in their schools, especially those fortunate students who earned the scholarships.

In addition to the scholarships for the school children in the City of Colon, PANAM Network awarded scholarship grants to three needy students in the Municipality of Anton, Panama.

Panamanian American Academic Network
Post Office Box 268121
Weston Fl 33326
Tel. 954-559-2420

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